That Time Megan Fox Played Mother Teresa in a (Fake) NC-17 Movie (Video)

Showing that Mother Teresa was ultimately just like the rest of us

Last Updated: March 15, 2016 @ 4:37 PM

With Pope Francis announcing Tuesday that Mother Teresa will be officially canonized on September 4, it’s important to look back on her long journey to sainthood.

Though the 2008 Simon Pegg comedy “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” has been largely forgotten as the years have passed, it remains notable for featuring a religious-themed film-within-a-film, the NC-17-rated “Teresa: Making of a Saint.”

The Mother Teresa biopic stars Megan Fox (who plays an actress named Sophie Maes in “How to Lose Friends”) in a prestige coming-of-age tale about Teresa’s early struggles with lust as her desire for a handsome young priest gets in the way of her more altruistic mission as the world famous Mother as we know her today.

In neither 2008 nor now would you probably think “Megan Fox” when casting Mother Teresa in a real biopic. Fox, of course, was nothing if not self-aware in doing “How to Lose Friends.”

That same year saw “Tropic Thunder” pull a similar trick with “Satan’s Alley,” which featured Robert Downey Jr and Tobey Maguire as gay monks who give into temptation. Its trailer might be more overtly funny than the one for “Teresa: Making of a Saint.”