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Meghan McCain Slams Biden’s Spending Package as ‘the Most Progressive, Modern Agenda of All Time’ (Video)

”President Biden ran on being a moderate … he’s not governing as one,“ McCain says on ”Meet the Press“

Former “The View” host Meghan McCain came down hard on President Biden’s price tag on his $1 trillion infrastructure bill and a broader $3.5 trillion measure for social welfare and climate, saying that despite running and winning as a Democratic moderate, he’s “not governing as one.”

McCain, who is currently a columnist for the Daily Mail, appeared on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” discussing along with the panel Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda and debating about the Democrats being divided on the infrastructure package and spending bill. This was McCain’s first major post-“The View” TV appearance.

Watch the panel discussion in the video above.

“President Biden ran on being a moderate, he ran and won with the help of independent centrists … He’s not governing as one. The Build Back Better agenda is the most progressive, modern agenda of all time, and it’s not polling well,” McCain said.

McCain said that conservatives in her circle really like Democratic senator from Arizona Kyrsten Sinema because she is “holding the line for conservatives in a lot of ways.”

“This distaste and outward hostility towards moderates in the Democratic party surprises me,” she said, adding that the infrastructure bill is not polling well so far. McCain’s critics shot back on social media, saying that was not true. Among them, Washington Post opinions writer Jennifer Rubin.

“tha is false. It is polling well. Why let her come on to lie?” Rubin replied to “Meet the Press” in a tweet.

The Senate has passed the bipartisan bill — making it the biggest infrastructure bill approved in the last two decades. The House has not voted on it yet, and many Democratic senators have said the $3.5 trillion measure is too expensive.