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Meghan McCain Reveals COVID Diagnosis, Slams ‘Feckless’ Biden Administration

McCain says she has been vaccinated, but still contracted the virus

Meghan McCain revealed in her latest Daily Mail column that she and husband Ben Domenech recently tested positive for COVID-19. She took aim at President Joe Biden and his administration, writing, “Why is it so hard to get an at-home Covid test?”

“President Biden promised — verbatim — while he was running for President that ‘I will end this. I will shut down the virus, not the country.’ I didn’t vote for the man (or Trump) but I had higher hopes for a better preparedness for the country and the fight to at least mitigate Covid more than a year into the Biden administration. It was easy for the media to — rightfully — blame Trump for the bungling of the early Covid-19 response, but Biden and his feckless, moronic, isolated Titanic of an administration gets the blame now,” wrote the former “The View” host, who left ABC and joined the Mail last year.

In true Daily Mail fashion, the headline of the column is, “MEGHAN MCCAIN: I finally got Covid and it was so horrible it made me doubt if America will ever recover from this pandemic. It WILL but not with moronic Biden in charge.”

In describing the symptoms that led her and Domenech, the publisher of conservative site the Federalist, to test themselves, she said her husband “felt lightheaded and developed a bad cough.” After he isolated himself and tested positive the next day, McCain herself “started to feel bad” and got a spare rapid test from her sister-in-law. She decried how difficult it was for the pair to easily access at-home tests instead of waiting “in line in the cold at a testing center.” She noted that though they both ultimately tested positive, she and Domenech are fully vaccinated and knew that they, like so many others, would likely end up catching the highly contagious Omicron variant, but she still felt ashamed.

McCain said she and her husband both got extremely sick, too, which ran counter to what she had seen online about Omicron’s symptoms being “mild.” Luckily, she wrote, the couple’s baby daughter did not become ill.

“I wanted to test again after a week and my in-laws spent days going to Walmart, Target, CVS and other pharmacies looking for home tests that were nowhere to be found,” she wrote. “Finally after days of looking, my father-in-law lucked out as a shipment had just been delivered and he was able to buy one. We live fifteen minutes away from the White House, in the United States of America. Why is it so hard to get an at-home Covid test? In isolation, I started ruminating as to whether the last days of American greatness were finally upon us, like so many pundits have been circulating over the past few years. For a pandemic that is in its third year, shouldn’t we have more readily available treatment and testing?”