Megyn Kelly Asks Adam Carolla If They’ll Have Sex Scenes Together in Animated ‘Mr. Birchum’: ‘Should I Be Worried?’ | Video

Carolla responds, “They can’t just draw it out of whole cloth, they have to physically witness you”

Two of the most outspoken conservative talk show hosts got together for a Friday conversation on “The Megyn Kelly Show,” where Kelly welcomed Adam Carolla on to talk about an anti-Israel student protest, alleged bias at NPR… and about his new animated series for far-right news site The Daily Wire. Kelly plays the wife of the show’s title character, “Mr. Birchum,” voiced by Carolla.

The increasingly conservative podcast host plays a cantankerous shop teacher in the show, which began as a character Carolla used to do on Los Angeles morning radio, where he first became friends with comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

Talking about Kelly’s casting in the series, he explained, “Well, maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, but I figured if I can get you to be my animated wife, that’s one step closer to reality.”

Kelly burst out in laughter at the idea of actually marrying the shock jock, asking in a question perhaps more fitting of his days cohosting “Loveline” with Dr. Drew, “Are we going to have any, like, bedroom scenes, our characters? Should I be worried?”

The interview somehow became a touch creepier, with Carolla indicating he was imagining that very thing.

“I’m working on some right now,” Carolla answered. “I’ve been working the beats out in my head, but I’m going to put them down on paper real soon.”

He continued to build on the premise, explaining, “And the thing about animation is they can’t just draw it out of whole cloth — they have to physically witness you.” But he pulled back from the idea of the two actually having sex just a bit, adding, “So, just be prepared. We’ll be wearing bodysuits. It’s going to be tasteful — it’ll be classy.”

As Kelly laughed off the notion and closed the segment, the clip quickly cut to the host cutting a debt-relief service advertisement. Other than the idea of their marital relations, the hosts’ chat also included Kelly ironically thanking Carolla for making the conservative host into a union member.

She opened the segment by stating that Carolla was making her into a star, before later adding, “You made me join the union, in order to participate in this, so I feel like Norma Rae now, Adam, thanks to you.”

The “Mr. Birchum” cast features fellow outspoken conservatives Roseanne Barr and Candace Owens. It also includes Danny Trejo, Patrick Warburton, Rob Riggle, Jay Mohr and more. It was originally created as a pilot for Fox more than a decade ago, with Carolla claiming “it was before its time” and that “Fox decided to focus on ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and whatever other crap they were trying to put out.”

You can watch the full segment, including Carolla telling Kelly more about his character’s origin story, in the video at the top of this story.


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