Piers Morgan and Megyn Kelly Team Up to Take Down Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Jimmy Kimmel | Video

“They just want applause for saying the right incendiary thing about the Republicans or the Royals,” Kelly says

Piers Morgan had Megyn Kelly on his show on Wednesday to bash late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and John Oliver’s jokes about Kate Middleton, while also getting a dig in against Jimmy Kimmel for reading a Donald Trump social media post during the Oscars ceremony.

“I’m not as offended by the speculation around Kate as some are,” Kelly said on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” though she objected to Colbert and Oliver using Middleton’s mysterious absence “for clicks.”

She added, “Those two in particular do everything for clicks. They’re not based in truth. At one point, they just wanted to make people laugh. Now, they just want applause for saying the right incendiary thing about the Republicans or the Royals, or whatever their latest target is.”

Morgan then said one Colbert skit where he was “openly mocking the state” of Middleton’s marriage to Prince William “crossed the line” for him, noting, “When he did that, he knew she’d had major abdominal surgery.”

The former CNN host also took exception to fellow Brit Oliver quipping that Kate “may have been dead for 18 months.”

“Again, he didn’t know how bad it was, but he knew she’d had major surgery,” Morgan said. “It seems to me that you have to have some lines in this, even if you’re comedic.”

Kelly also zeroed in on Kimmel for reading aloud a Trump Truth Social post criticizing his hosting abilities during the Oscars. “He wasn’t going for laughs. His new business is just to be loved because he’s the former fat guy who likes to make fun of Donald Trump. That’ll get him enough tune-in each night to pay his fat salary,” she said.

The “Megyn Kelly Show” host did not, however, mention that Kimmel was among the first to tell viewers to stop speculating about Middleton’s whereabouts and to “leave this woman alone.”

For his part, Colbert apologized on Tuesday for his Middleton skits, saying, “I do not make light of someone else’s tragedy.”

In case there was any doubt, Kelly also specified who her favorite Royals are during the segment: “I’m Team William and Kate and definitely not Team Sussex.” Referring to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, she asked, “How did we get stuck with them?”

You can watch the entire Morgan/Kelly conversation in the video, above.


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