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Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Visits ‘O’Reilly Factor’ to Preview Her New Show (Video)

”The Kelly File“ premieres on Monday

Megyn Kelly returned to Fox News from her maternity leave, ready to give viewers a glimpse of her new 9 p.m. series “The Kelly File.”

Kelly stopped by “The O’Reilly Factor” on Thursday. Host Bill O’Reilly gave her a warm welcome back (followed by a little snark about the name of her newborn son, Thatcher) and asked her about the show.

“It’s gonna be a live broadcast, and so it’s gonna be a news program, a breaking news program,” Kelly said. “Not an opinion program.”

“I’m not gonna be the female Bill,” Kelly said.

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O’Reilly was skeptical: “You’re gonna have to give your opinion sometimes, because there are going to be so many pinheads and you’re gonna have to go ‘this insane.'”

Kelly said the show would try to give viewers a synopsis of the news, with “both sides of the view.”

“I want to do it smartly, I want to do it succinctly,” she said.

Kelly’s show will mark a big change for the network — it’s the first change in Fox News’ primetime lineup in over a decade and part of its push to put more news content in its opinion-heavy primetime schedule. Shepard Smith will also be appearing on channel during primetime as needed, as he heads up Fox News’ new breaking news division.

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One thing we won’t be hearing on “The Kelly File”: the names of the people committing mass shooting sprees or bombing marathon finish lines.

“I no longer want to utter the names of these people at all,” Kelly said.

Watch the video: