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Maria Menounos Defends ‘Megyn Kelly Today': ‘Why Do We Have to Tear Her Down?’

”I saw someone who I never knew was funny make me laugh,“ the ”E! News“ host writes on Facebook

Don’t count Maria Menounos among those trashing the first week of Megyn Kelly’s new “Today” show stint.

“‪Why is everyone geared toward being negative?” Menounos wrote on Facebook. “yes @megynkelly is trying something different, why can’t we be supportive? why do we have to tear her down?”

“Every new show has their kinks to work out,” she continued. “What I saw? I saw someone who I never knew was funny make me laugh. I saw someone who was warm. I saw someone who was smart and taking a risk.”

Of course, the “E! News” host has a bit of skin of the game — Menounos herself has been a West Coast contributor to the NBC News morning series since 2005.

“Any flaws you may have seen, if any, can be worked out if we just give people a chance,” Menounos concluded. “Good for her and NBC for trying something new. I loved it.”

Read her full post below.