Maria Menounos Defends ‘Megyn Kelly Today': ‘Why Do We Have to Tear Her Down?’

“I saw someone who I never knew was funny make me laugh,” the “E! News” host writes on Facebook

Last Updated: September 30, 2017 @ 6:54 AM

Don’t count Maria Menounos among those trashing the first week of Megyn Kelly’s new “Today” show stint.

“‪Why is everyone geared toward being negative?” Menounos wrote on Facebook. “yes @megynkelly is trying something different, why can’t we be supportive? why do we have to tear her down?”

“Every new show has their kinks to work out,” she continued. “What I saw? I saw someone who I never knew was funny make me laugh. I saw someone who was warm. I saw someone who was smart and taking a risk.”

Of course, the “E! News” host has a bit of skin of the game — Menounos herself has been a West Coast contributor to the NBC News morning series since 2005.

“Any flaws you may have seen, if any, can be worked out if we just give people a chance,” Menounos concluded. “Good for her and NBC for trying something new. I loved it.”

Read her full post below.