Megyn Kelly Warns Fox News Not to Sue Tucker Carlson After Private Meeting, Hints at Bombshell: ‘It’s Not Going to End Well’ (Video)

“Don’t do it, Fox, you’re going to be really sorry,” the former Fox News host and longtime friend of Carlson’s said

Megyn Kelly cryptically warned Fox News not to sue Tucker Carlson, her longtime friend and former Fox New collaborator, after the two met and spoke privately over the weekend at a conservative conference in Florida where both were featured speakers.

Kelly, who left Fox News in 2017, and fellow cable-ratings juggernaut Carlson – fired from his top primetime perch in April – were in Florida for the young-conservatives-leaning Turning Point U.S.A. conference.

“Just before the evening session, I got the chance to sit with Tucker Carlson, who you guys know we’ve been friends for a long, long time – well before his primetime role at Fox,” Kelly said Monday on “The Megyn Kelly Show.” She praised Carlson as a “star” and a “happy warrior,” saying she met privately with him and his producer Justin Wells during the weekend event.

“All I can tell you is to be a fly on that wall, your jaw would have dropped at some of the things that we exchanged – more on that as the days and weeks and months go by,” she said. “They’re just some really interesting things.”

Kelly was apparently referencing the ongoing legal tug-of-war between Carlson and his former network, which sent him a cease-and-desist letter as his new Twitter-based show was getting off the ground last month. Fox News believes the show is in violation of a non-compete clause in his contract; his legal team believes Fox and Twitter are not competitors, and that he is merely exercising his First Amendment rights.

Fox News did not immediately have a comment Monday. Kelly hinted that some things were disclosed to her privately that Fox News would be wise to stay away from:

“Fox News has not yet sued Tucker, and all I’ll tell you is, they should not,” she said. “It would be a mistake, as I’ve said before but I believe it even more strongly now than ever. Don’t do it, Fox, you’re going to be really sorry.”

Kelly did not offer any details, but suggested they may come out in the near future – especially if Fox decides to take its legal action to the lawsuit stage.

“It’s not going to end well for you or anyone on your side if you go after him,” she said. “Just let him go. You fired him. He wants to get back the money, just wants to make a living doing news, just let him. Don’t Be dumb. And so in any event, more on that, as I said, as time passes.”

You can hear Kelly’s comments in the video above.