Legendary Director Mel Brooks Endorses Biden in First Political Video

The 94-year-old shares his concerns about COVID-19 and supports Biden who, he says, “likes” facts and science

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Famed director Mel Brooks made his first-ever political video Wednesday, where he endorsed former vice president Joe Biden for president.

My father, @MelBrooks, is 94. He has never made a political video,” wrote Max Brooks when he posted the clip to Twitter. “Until now.”

In the video, the elder Brooks says, “Behind me, you see my son and my grandson and they can’t be with me.”

Sure enough, his descendants appear behind him, separated from the Hollywood legend by glass doors and wearing masks.

“Why? Because of this coronavirus and Donald Trump’s not doing a damned thing about it. So many people have died and when you’re dead, you can’t do much. So, I’m voting for Joe Biden. I like Joe and why do I like Joe? Because Joe likes facts, because Joe likes science, and Joe will keep us going. Take a tip from me: Vote for Joe.”

Max Brooks previously made a PSA encouraging social distancing to protect older Americans like his father.

He dismisses his younger relatives — who are now holding Biden signs — and tells them he loves them before announcing he needs to fill out his early ballot in favor of the Democratic nominee.

The Biden endorsement might have been Brooks’ first political video, but he’s been keeping busy in other ways well into his 90s. The EGOT winner and comedy legend has continued to work with roles in films like 2018’s “Hotel Transylvania 3” and 2019’s “Toy Story 4.” He’s also been working on a stage musical adaptation of his 1974 comedy Western “Blazing Saddles.”

Check out Mel Brooks’ video, below:


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