Mel Gibson’s 78-Year-Old Stepmother Says He Terrorized Her

"Braveheart" star Mel Gibson's stepmom files a restraining order against him, claiming that he's trying to throw her out of her home and tricked his father into filing for divorce from her

Last Updated: July 2, 2012 @ 8:31 PM

Add Mel Gibson's stepmother to the list of people who claim to have been screamed at and menaced by the actor.

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Joye Hicks Gibson (full name: Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson), the wife of the actor's father Hutton Gibson, filed a request for a temporary restraining order with Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, claiming that the actor and notorious hothead is trying to force her out of the home that she shares with her husband, and manipulated his father into filing for divorce from her.

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The 78-year-old also accuses Gibson of "terrorizing" her, recounting multiple instances in which he allegedly lost his temper with her and left her fearing for her physical safety.

According to Joye — who has been married to Hutton Gibson since December 2001 — her husband filed divorce papers in June, but she asserts in her request for the restraining order that Mel "manipulated Hutton while he was in a weakened physical or mental state due to illness."

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Joye cites the fact that the papers were filed while she was in Texas and didn't have access to her husband. And they were filed by the same law firm that handled Mel's divorce from his wife Robyn. And that the concept of divorce is "completely antithetical" to Hutton's "staunchly held religious views."

According to Joye, Mel has clashed with her over medical treatment for his 93-year-old father, with Mel preferring ozone and stem-cell treatments, and Joye claiming that the ozone treatments have done more harm than good.

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Joye — who has been staying in Texas, where she was visiting family, since she received the divorce papers — adds that she has been prevented from communicating with her husband, and that Gibson has insisted that she move out of the couple's Agoura, Calif. home. (The couple's home is owned by the actor's charitable A.P. Reilly Foundation.)

In her declaration, Joye cites multiple "violent tirades" that the "Get the Gringo" star hurled at her, sometimes over Hutton's medical treatment. During one October 2011 incident, Joye claims, Gibson began "yelling and saying 'fuck this and fuck that' while leveling other extremely offensive language at me." According to Joye, the actor was "ranting and raving" at her, and told her that she "should not fuck with [Hutton's] treatments in any way."

On another occasion, in Panama, Gibson threatened to lock Joye out of the house because she refused his cooking due to an upset stomach, she claims.

Joye is asking that Gibson be kept 100 yards from her, that he be barred from trying to contact her, and that Gibson "not block or interfere with my attempts to communicate with my husband, Hutton Gibson."

Gibson's spokesman had no comment for TheWrap on this story.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.