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Melania Trump Is OK, and This Weird Grainy Video Proves It (Video)

Only other possible theory: a Melania Trump robot

You can put away your conspiracy theories, Internet: Melania Trump is okay.

Or someone has designed a robot that looks just like the first lady, at least from a distance.

Those are the only two possible explanations for Monday’s apparent appearance by Melania Trump, who, prior to Monday, was not seen publicly for three weeks.

Monday evening, the first lady joined her husband, President Donald Trump, at what ABC News described as a White House event honoring Gold Star families.

Or her robot double went to the event. One or the other.

CNN reporter Kate Bennett tweeted that Melania Trump was definitely at the event, at that President Trump joked about how long she’s been out of the public eye. “Did she leave him?” Bennett quoted the president saying, in jest.

The first lady was last seen in public on May 10, when she and President Trump greeted three Americans freed from North Korea. Four days after that, she was hospitalized for a benign kidney condition, the White House said.

It is also possible that she was being studied so that scientists could make a perfect robot copy, or at least a robot copy good enough to fool people who don’t look too closely. So she could spend time doing other things.

But no: Stop. She is back, and she’s fine, and this video proves it:

Yes, we know: That is not a great video. It’s weird that the first video of the first lady in public in several weeks is so grainy and was taken at such a great distance. Being that we’re in a digital age and whatnot.

But look: She’s fine.

Melania Trump’s nearly three-week absence sparked a wave of jokes, concern and faux concern. On Monday, a Rolling Stone writer theorized that her absence might have something to do with domestic abuse. People on the left have offered other zany theories, and people on the right have told them to just stop, and said there’s nothing unusual about a First Lady disappearing for weeks at a time, although, let’s be honest, it actually is kind of weird.

But as the video above proves, she’s back, and she’s okay.

(Please someone post some better video ASAP? Just so we can be even more sure everything is 100 percent totally fine.)

Here are some more tweets indicating everything’s alright. But they’re from a reporter for CNN, which President Trump has repeatedly called “fake news,” so do with that what you will.