Melania Trump Is Now Selling Independence Day NFTs

The former first lady’s limited edition digital collectibles can be yours for $50 a piece

melania trump signature
Getty Images

Former first lady Melania Trump has launched a new venture — selling NFTs.

Starting Thursday, a limited edition “1776 Collection” is available for purchase that features NFTs (non-fungible tokens) celebrating Independence Day. The grift digital items are available on USA Memorabilia, which utilizes Solana for its blockchain operations. There are six different NFTs for purchase in the set, with the seventh piece of digital art, entitled “Home of the Brave,” being an exclusive bonus for those who buy the main six.

Not only does each $50 NFT contain artwork, but also “a patriotic-themed music track.” You may not be able to hear the chattering teeth and sloshing paddles of George Washington crossing the Delaware River, but the beats contained in these NFTs may very well be the next best thing (?). Expect lots of drums, flutes, horns, and all the other instruments associated with 1776-sounding music.

Each NFT in the collection was “designed to acknowledge the foundations of American ideals,” hence why the price for these lovingly rendered, rotating thumbnails is $50 a pop.

Two of the NFTs are Statue of Liberty-themed, another showcases Mount Rushmore, and the fourth one in the collection highlights the Capitol building, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. The fifth shows off Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell, and the final purchasable NFT features the Declaration of Independence. The seventh, non-purchasable bonus NFT quotes the Star-Spangled Banner.

Only 500 of each NFT exist, and already a handful of the total 3,000 NFTs have sold since they went on sale at 9am ET, so who knows how long you’ll have to grab one if you’re interested in being a true digital patriot. As JFK once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”