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Does ‘Men in Black: International’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

The Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson film serves as a soft reboot for the ”Men in Black,“ so does it tease another movie after the credits?

The “Men in Black” film franchise, like so many others, has experienced the magic of the soft reboot, with “Men in Black: International” swapping Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones for Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. But Agent J and Agent K are still part of this movie’s history, and could potentially return — but for now, “International” is all about playing with these new characters and settings.

“Men in Black: International” takes us to the agency’s London branch, where we follow Chris Hemsworth’s Agent H and Tessa Thompson’s Agent M as they have to deal with a new threat to Earth, one which may involve a mole in MIB.

“Men in Black: International” clearly represents an attempt by Sony to revive the aging franchise with new blood. While no further films in the series have been announced, it’s safe to assume that plans are in place to get the next film going should this one prove profitable enough to warrant more. We are neck deep in the era of franchise filmmaking, with most big movies being constructed with a sequel in mind, many going so far as to tease hypothetical future franchise installments in the current film — and no, that’s hardly just a comic book movie thing.

So the question is, as always: does “Men in Black: International” contain a mid- or post-credits scene that teases the future of this series or, in lieu of that, at least throw in some extra jokes?

The answer is no. “Men in Black: International” does not have a post-credits scene or any other piece of bonus content after the credits begin rolling. So while we certainly do encourage you to stick around for the credits just as a symbolic show of appreciation for the huge number of people who brought the film to life, you’re safe to leave the theater without missing anything else should you need to run to the bathroom or just get out of there for some other reason.