Meow! Bravo’s ‘Housewives’ Slam the Salahis

Cast members from New Jersey edition of hit franchise talk smack about the White House party crashers.

Last Updated: December 2, 2009 @ 5:52 PM

It’s a Bravo reality stars catfight!

Several of the stars of the network’s "Real Housewives of New Jersey" are slamming the scandalous behavior of wannabe DC "Housewives" cast member Michaele Salahi and hanger-on hubby, Tareq.

Technically, Ms. Salahi hasn’t been cast on "Housewives," but with camera crews following her every move, she’s kinda sorta part of the Bravo family. And her would-be reality siblings don’t like it.

"There are plenty of ways to get your 15 minutes," "Housewives" star Caroline Manzo told Us Magazine. "I thought it was irresponsible — very irresponsible. We are at a time of war and what message does that send to those who want to do us harm?"

(Whoa– did Manzo just accuse the Salahis of treason?!)

Fellow non-fiction star Teresa Giiduice said the Salahis exhibited "poor etiquette" by showing up uninvited.

"It’s a little crazy," she told the magazine. "I wouldn’t go to any place I wasn’t invited…. It’s not my style."

As fans of "Housewives" know, Giuduice’s, um, "style" includes dressing up her baby in freaky clothes, as seen here.

Caroline’s real-life sister Dina echoed Giuduice’s disdain.

"I don’t care if it’s the White House or your next door neighbor and you’re not invited, you don’t show up," she said. "It’s really not the right thing to do."

While we remain adamantly opposed to the notion of the Salahis appearing on Bravo (or any other network, for that matter), it’s clear the couple could provide plenty of comic fodder for months (if not years) should they end up on "Housewives."