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Metta World Peace Calls 911 on Limo Driver During Jimmy Kimmel Prank (Video)

Kimmel’s Cousin Sal played the limo driver

Jimmy Kimmel and Knicks player Amar’e Stoudemire teamed up to play a prank on Metta World Peace that got him so good, he called 911.

World Peace, a former Los Angeles Laker and current free agent who once lived under the name Ron Artest, was forced to sit in the back of a limo while Kimmel’s Cousin Sal pestered him from the driver’s seat.

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“What do you call 12 millionaires sitting around a TV watching the NBA playoffs?” Sal asked. “The Lakers.”

While World Peace tried his best to ignore Sal, Stoudemire — a friend and former teammate of the target — was watching the entire exchange from a vehicle tailing the limo. He occasionally spoke up to pitch Sal ideas, like asking World Peace about Donald Sterling.

“Hey, did you hear about Donald Sterling? What a jerk,” Sal said. “You know, I went to go pick him up one day, and he refused to get in the car because it was black. You get it?”

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Things got weird when Sal wouldn’t pull over to let World Peace out of the limo, so the NBA player picked up his phone and dialed 911 for help. But before the NBA player thought his life was in danger, he managed to give a popular rideshare service free product placement.

“We are definitely getting an Uber on the way back,” World Peace told his co-passenger. “I am not taking this guy on the way back.”

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