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Michael Cera Releases New Song, ‘Best I Can,’ With Sharon Van Etten (Video)

Cera has dabbled in music before with the 2014 album, ”true that“

Curious what Michael Cera has been up to? He just released a song with Sharon Van Etten, called “Best I Can,” for an upcoming documentary that he is scoring.

Speaking to Pitchfork, the “Superbad” actor said he recorded the song in a hot basement with a Roland Jupiter 4 synthesizer and drum machine. The song was initially meant as a placeholder in the documentary “Dina,” in case the filmmakers couldn’t get the rights to Yas’ “Only You.”

The rights to “Only You” came through, however, but Cera’s song was placed in the film’s credits and even received it’s own music video. 

Cera and Van Etten have been sharing the studio space in New York City for a couple years now, after they met by chance at a bar.

“She told me she had this music rehearsal space that she rents out, and she was looking for someone to share it with,” he said. “It was kind of perfect timing. So we share this rehearsal space together and had never really worked on anything. And then when I knew I wanted a lead female vocal for this song, I asked her if she would be willing to do it.”

This isn’t the first time Cera is trying his hand with music — in 2014, he released an album titled “true that.” Before that, he toured with the band Mister Heavenly. And who could forget that he played the guitar and sang Moldy Peaches’ song “Anyone Else But You” alongside Ellen Page in “Juno?”

The actor will next be seen in “Molly’s Game” alongside Jessica Chastain, as well as “The Shivering Truth,” “Tyrel and “Captain Dad.” He will also star in the upcoming season of “Arrested Development,” which is set to premiere next year.

Listen to the song above.