Michael Cohen Says ‘Idiot’ Rudy Giuliani Will Flip on Trump ‘in a Heartbeat’ (Video)

“He knows exactly what’s coming down the road and he knows how to avoid it,” Cohen says. “He’s going to start talking: 1, 2, 3″

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During an exclusive CNN interview discussing the recent raid on Rudy Giuliani’s home, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen had a blunt reality check for Trump’s former right-hand man, calling Giuliani an “idiot” who drinks too much and has erratic behavior.

He went on to maintain that “there is no relationship, nor has there ever been, between Rudy and Donald,” explaining that prior to Trump becoming President, the two didn’t like each other. “So do I think Rudy will give up Donald in a heartbeat?” Cohen asked. “Absolutely.”

Giuliani is being investigated as the FBI looks for evidence from the Ukraine scandal in which he reportedly tried to ask the country to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. Among the many moments in the interview where Cohen blasted Giuliani, he called him out for being nervous about the investigation, and implied that’s for a good reason – as a former U.S. attorney, he knows what he could be up against.

“He’s been shady for a long time and what you’re going to find is it’s going to expand the investigation into other areas that Rudy doesn’t even possibly remember. Or if he does remember, he certainly doesn’t want it released,” Cohen said.

When asked if the ex-lawyer had any advice for Giuliani, Cohen couldn’t help but laugh, responding “he knows exactly what’s coming down the road, he knows how to avoid what the ultimate consequence is going to be. I believe he’s going to start talking 1, 2, 3.” And he had no sympathy for Giuliani’s treatment, having had his own experience with Trump and his “loyalty.”

“What I told him was that Donald Trump doesn’t care about anyone or anything, that he will be the next one to be thrown under the bus. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen,” said Cohen.

Watch the video below.


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