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Michael Flynn Jr Slams Washington Post Over ‘Fake News': ‘Should They Continue to Operate?’

The son of Donald Trump’s nominee for national security adviser linked to the publication’s story titled ”Read the military investigation into Michael Flynn“

Michael Flynn Jr., the son of Donald Trump’s incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn, took to Twitter to attack the Washington Post and questioned whether the paper should “continue to operate” after publishing what he called “fake news.”


Flynn Jr. referenced a Post story titled “Read the military investigation into Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser,” in which the publication shared documents by the U.S. Army summarizing an investigation into then-Maj. Gen. Michael T. Flynn for “unauthorized sharing of classified information with foreign officials.”

His tweet has heightened relevance given his high-profile interest in #PizzaGate, a nickname given to a series of online fake news stories that implicated D.C.’s Comet Ping Pong restaurant and its owner in a child sex operation.

Flynn Sr. tweeted a fake-news story implicating Hillary Clinton in “Sex Crimes w Children,” and his son has indicated on Twitter that he is a #Pizzagate believer. He tweeted that “#Pizzagate” will “remain a story” until it is proven to be false, although James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong, has denied the sex operations allegations and is not under investigation by any law enforcement agency.

Consequently, Flynn Jr. was fired from the Trump transition team in early December after spreading the bogus news report.


On Wednesday morning, a number of journalists took to Twitter to express their concerns over Flynn Jr.’s tweet about the Washington Post.