Michael Imperioli to Play Tormented Sensei on ‘The Office’

"Sopranos" star appearing for one episode

"Sopranos" veteran Michael Imperioli will join "The Office" for one of its final episodes, playing Dwight Schrute's tormented sensei.

Getty ImagesImperioli's Sensei Billy will find his patience tested by his exasperating student, who has apparently maintained a love of karate first demonstrated in the second season of the show.

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He will go to unusual means to make Dwight (Rainn Wilson) go away.

"The Office" is quickly pairing off characters into romances and resolving plotlines as it approaches its finale after nine seasons.

Imperioli will appear in one episode of the series, but it won't be the finale, NBC said.

The actor's other recent roles included one on ABC's "Detroit 187."