Michael Jackson Trial: Prince Testifies His Father ‘Wasn’t Happy’ With AEG

The emotional teenager recalled his father saying, "'They're going to kill me!'"

Just one day after the four-year anniversary of his father's death, 16-year-old Prince Michael Jackson, took the stand in a Los Angeles court room on Wednesday to testify at Michael Jackson's wrongful death trial.  

Prince said he witnessed his father crying after phone conversations with AEG Live CEO, Randy Phillips, and his former manager, Tohme Tohme.

"'They're going to kill me, they're going to killl me,'" Jackson recalled his father saying.

The teenager is a plaintiff — along with siblings, Paris and Blanket, and grandmother, Katherine Jackson — in the lawsuit claiming concert producer and promoter AEG Live negligently hired Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving Michael Jackson an overdose of the anesthetic propofol. 

The eldest of Jackson's three children addressed a variety of topics, including his father's feelings about AEG Live promoting what would have been his final tour. "From what he told me, he wasn’t happy with it," Jackson said. 

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Jackson also testified about his father's interaction with Murray, saying he witnessed the doctor giving his father clear liquid injections before they began administering the drugs in private.

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Jackson said he was not concerned, adding: "I was 12, and to my understanding he was supposed to make sure my dad stayed healthy."

Jackson also told the court that his father paid Murray out of his own pocket, even though AEG was supposed to be footing the bill.

"He’d say he feels so bad for Dr. Murray because AEG isn’t paying him," Jackson said. "He'd say they are supposed to, but they haven’t yet. So my dad would say, 'Here give him this.'"

Jackson also described an "aggressive" encounter between Murray and co-defendent Phillips, but couldn't effectively overhear what was being said.

"The day [Phillips] came by himself he was speaking to [Dr. Murray] in hushed whispers. I was bringing him water. He was grabbing his elbow. It looked aggressive to me," Jackson said. "He was grabbing him by the back of the elbow and they were really close and he was making hand motions."

Emotions in court peaked when a tearful Jackson described how he witnessed his father dying in 2009, amid the chaos as Conrad tried to revive him. 

"I was downstairs in the sitting room with my sister and I think my brother was there and I heard screaming upstairs. Someone bolted out the door and I heard running down the backstairs. I ran to the kitchen to see what was going on and I saw Dr. Conrad run right back up the stairs," Jackson explained. "I ran upstairs and I saw Dr. Conrad doing CPR on my dad on the bed. My dad was hanging half way off the bed and his eyes kind of rolled to the back of the head."

The teenager wiped away tears while admitting that not a day goes by when he doesn't miss and think about his dad. "Nothing will ever be the same. I can't sleep at night," Jackson said.