Michael Jackson’s ‘Unreleased Last Album’ Heads to Auction

Minimum bid $50,000, copyright not included

Michael Jackson

Attention, fat-walleted Michael Jackson fans; a piece of the King of Pop’s history could soon be yours.

Recordings billed as Jackson’s “unreleased last album” are going up for auction July 19, via the Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction house.

“Michael Jackson’s personally owned copy of his final album consisting of 12 finished tracks, all with finished vocals. All tracks are master quality,” the lot description reads, noting that three of the tracks — “Monster,” “Breaking News” and “Stay” have been previously released with different mixes.

The collection is housed on a CD-R disc labeled “Bible.”

Other tracks on the album include “Keep Your Head Up,” “Everything’s Just Fine,” “Black Widow” and Burn Tonight.”

According to Gotta Have Rock and Roll, the disc is owned by a “personal friend and personal assistant to Michael whose family was very close to Michael for many years, traveling all over the world with him.”

The minimum bid for the album is $50,000, and it’s not being sold with copyright, so don’t get any funny ideas about releasing it yourself if you end up winning the auction.

The estate of Michael Jackson, who died in 2009 at age 50, had no comment for TheWrap on the auction.