Michael Moore Predicts Donald Trump Will ‘Absolutely’ Win GOP Nomination

“It’s going from being a joke to being a serious reality,” filmmaker says

Michael Moore thinks America is plunging into a “darker time,” and Donald Trump is one of the forces driving it.

The filmmaker, whose new film “Where to Invade Next” opens on Wednesday in New York and Los Angeles, spoke about Trump in an interview with Business Insider, suggesting what was once inconceivable is now a certainty.

“Donald Trump is absolutely going to be the Republican candidate for president of the United States,” Moore said. “It’s going from being a joke to being a serious reality.”

Moore, who was recently booted from Trump Tower while holding a #WeAreAllMuslim sign, also poured cold water on Trump’s favorable head-to-head polling against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

My side of of the political fence is the slacker side of the fence. That even though statistically there’s no way Trump can win, because he’s alienated those three main groups that make up 81 percent of the country, the difference is his side always shows up to vote. My side, not so much. Then it becomes incumbent upon picking the candidate who will mostly inspire women, people of color, and young people to come out and vote. I think obviously Hillary is going to inspire a lot of women to come out and vote. I think Bernie has inspired a lot of young people to come out and vote. And the African-Americans and Hispanics, probably a split between the two is my guess. When people ask me, “Who should we vote in the primaries?

The filmmaker, who is pro-Bernie Sanders, and thinks Senator Elizabeth Warren would make a much better first female president than Hillary Clinton, said Clinton’s lack of inspiration is a concern.

“My biggest concern about Hillary right now is her lack of inspiration,” he said, pointing out that she doesn’t get big crowds or spark “a lot of excitement about her.”

Moore concluded that Bernie Sanders could be elected president.

“I think people will pour out in droves to elect him and there’s just not enough angry white guys anymore over the age of 35 to put Trump in office.”