Michael Rapaport, ‘Hangover’ Actor Bryan Callen Star in ‘My Man Is A Loser’

The "Hitch" actor, who also directed the A Tribe Called Quest documentary "Beats, Rhymes & Life," will star in this Imprint Entertainment project

Michael Rapaport will star with Bryan Callen of “The Hangover” in “My Man is a Loser.”

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The comedy, written and directed by Mike Young, starts production this June in New York.

It follows two married man who try to be better husbands by using their “playboy buddy.” Of course, those attempts backfire.

David Goldin and Eric Bamberger of Step One of Many Entertainment are producing with Michael Becker of Imprint Entertainment. Imprint recently acquired a biography of Pam Grier to adapt and is in post-production on "Pawn," starring Forest Qhitaker and Ray Liotta.

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The companies are planning for a theatrical release in 2013 and will focus on a social campaign to promote it, claiming it will be “the heaviest digitally promoted independent film to date.”

Rapoport will appear in a series of movies this year, such as "The Baytown Disco."