Michael Rapaport Responds to Trump’s ‘Fake News Awards’ by Giving Him the ‘Fake President Award’ (Video)

“All the s— that’s going on in the world and you release the ‘Fake News Awards’? You f—ing bum,” he says

Michael Rapaport

Comedian Michael Rapaport ripped into Donald Trump yet again on Wednesday night after Trump released his “Fake News Awards” on the GOP website earlier in the evening.

Rapaport expressed his displeasure with Trump’s agenda in the form of a brief, 38-second video rant that he posted on Facebook that featured, in standard Rapaport style, many curse words.

“Dopey ass, b—- ass, d— stain Donald Trump,” Rapaport said to start off the video. “Motherf—ing clown ass, fake ass president. Bum ass, botox in the face, corny ass, big tooth, overweight, bloated motherf—ing president. All the s— that’s going on in the world and you release the ‘Fake News Awards’? You f—ing bum.”

Wow, what a mean rant. Oh, wait, we’re only halfway through. Hold on, here’s the rest.

“I’m releasing the ‘Fake President Awards’. You’re the f—king winner. Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington are kicking and screaming, turning over in their graves with what you’ve done, you f—ing slob.”

OK, that’s all of it. That’s six uses of “ass” and five utterances of the F-word in that 38 seconds, for those of you keeping score at home. Also, though Rapaport may have mentioned Benjamin Franklin because he was one of the Founding Fathers, we should note that he was never president of the United States.

You can watch the full rant embedded below or on Facebook.


In case you missed it, Trump dropped his “Fake News Awards” on Wednesday evening, though there was no ceremony — just a post on the GOP website noting 11 times media organizations were incorrect in their criticisms of him. The deluge of traffic to the GOP site knocked it offline for over an hour. If you’re curious about who won those “awards,” you can check out the full list right here.

By now, Rapaport’s political rants on social media have become a fairly common occurrence. In early January, he dropped a tweetstorm going off on Trump for taking credit for the safety record of commercial flights in the U.S. in 2017.