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Mickey Rooney Tells Senate Panel He Was Elder Abuse Victim

The movie legend tells the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging that he was ”a victim of elder abuse,“ and ”felt trapped, scared, used and frustrated“

Oscar nominee Mickey Rooney told a Senate panel Wednesday that he has been a victim of elder abuse.

Testifying before the Senate Special Committee on Aging, the 90-year-old movie legend said that "I have worked almost my entire lifetime of 90 years to entertain and please other people … But even with this success, my money was stolen from me, by someone close. I was unable to avoid becoming a victim of elder abuse."

In his testimony, Rooney said that "My money was taken and misused. When I asked for information, I was told that I couldn't have any of my own information. I was told it was 'for my own good' and that 'it was none of my business.' I was literally left powerless."

The star told Senators that "over the course of time, my daily life became unbearable. Worse, it seemed to happen out of nowhere. At first, it was something small, something I could control. But then it became something sinister that was completely out of control. I felt trapped, scared, used and frustrated. But above all, I felt helpless. For years I suffered silently."

He did not provide details of the abuse or say who abused him.

Sen. Herb Kohl, a Democrat from Wisconsin, chairs the committee and told Senators, "We will start today's hearing with a legendary performer and World War II veteran, Mr. Mickey Rooney, who has come here today to bravely share his personal story of abuse."

Rooney was speaking in support of the Elder Abuse Victims Act.