Mickey Rourke Calls Donald Trump ‘Biggest Scumbag on the Planet’ (Video)

The actor plays baseball on the streets of Beverly Hills while voicing his opinion about the presidential candidate and his wife, Melania

mickey rourke
Getty Images

Mickey Rourke has bashed Donald Trump again, this time calling the GOP presidential candidate the “biggest scumbag on the planet,” who has a “gold digger” wife.

“His wife is one of the biggest gold diggers around, I know, I used to go out with a gold digger,” he said of Melania Trump in a video posted by TMZ. “How could you sleep next to that flabby fat piece of shit?”

During a casual game of catch on a street in Beverly Hills, the actor and former boxer hurled vicious insults at the Republican businessman-turned-politician.

“He’s a bully and he’s a b–ch and he can suck my f–king d–k,” he added.

This isn’t the first time the actor had bad things to say about Trump. In September, he called Trump “nothing but a big-mouthed b–ch bully,” and that he would “love 30 seconds in a room with the little b–ch.”

Back then, he endorsed Ben Carson, who dropped out of the presidential race in March.

Rourke rose to fame as a leading man in the ’80s, and more recently starred in hits including “Sin City,” “The Wrestler,” and “Iron Man 2.”

Watch the video below.