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Mike Huckabee Says Trump Would Be Vilified Over Coronavirus Even If He Sucked It Out of People’s Lungs

”He could personally suck the virus out…“ the Former Arkansas governor said on Fox News

Last Updated: February 28, 2020 @ 10:26 AM

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee says President Donald Trump’s vilification over his handling of the corona virus outbreak is getting out of hand.

Huckabee said the president could “suck the virus” out infected people’s lungs and his opponents would still complain during his Thursday night interview with Laura Ingram on Fox News.

“Laura, he could personally suck the virus out of every one of the 60,000 people in the world and suck it out of their lungs, swim to the bottom of the ocean and spit it out and he would be accused of pollution for messing up the ocean if he did that,” Huckabee told Ingraham. “There’s nothing this president can do that will ever satisfy the people who hate him more than they hate the coronavirus.”

Ingraham did not acknowledge the graphic fictionalization of the president sucking a virus from human lungs and spitting it into the ocean.

“The truth is, he’s done exactly what he should do,” said Huckabee of Trump’s plan, which calls on Vice President Mike Pence to lead the charge against the spread.

“It’s not exactly a pandemic yet. It could be one. We don’t want it to be,” he went on. “We’re going to do everything possible. I think the president’s done exactly right.”

Over the past few days, Trump has downplayed the threat of the virus, contradicting the warnings of federal scientists. In a Wednesday press conference, as Huckabee noted, Trump said the outbreak “may get a little bigger” or “it may not get bigger at all.”

As the administration takes a cautious approach as the coronavirus spreads from its origins in mainland China across Europe and to the United States, other American institutions are taking quick action. Entertainment industry players have scrambled to adjust during a busy slate of premieres, conventions and events.

While the public health risk posed by the virus remains relatively uncertain, travel restrictions continue to take effect, leaving many conferences without their typical international audience. Many companies are also worried about providing a gathering place for the virus to potentially spread in the coming months.