Jen Psaki Says George Santos’ Mess Is Funny, but Mike Johnson’s ‘Dangerous’ Views Are the Real Problem | Video

The House speaker vouched for “The Revivalist Manifesto,” a book supporting conspiracy theories like Pizzagate

Jen Psaki

While a lot of attention has been paid to the recent expulsion of George Santos from Congress, MSNBC’s Jen Psaki said that more people need to focus on Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, “the man who is currently second in line for the presidency” and whom she said has views that are “dangerous.”

Psaki began, “As the scandal engulfing George Santos continues to get a whole lot of oxygen and a whole lot of attention, I think we need to spend less time talking about the no-name now ex-congressman from New York, who never had any real power to begin with, and certainly doesn’t now.”

Psaki then referenced a CNN report about “The Revivalist Manifesto,” a book that Johnson “wrote the foreword for and publicly promoted.”

She continued, “Now, this is a book, in case you haven’t read it — and you probably haven’t — that gives credence to baseless conspiracy theories like the Pizzagate hoax, which falsely claimed top Democrats were involved in a pedophile ring mysteriously in a pizzeria in Washington, D.C.”

“And it implies that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was connected to sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein,” Psaki continued. “The book also defends podcaster Joe Rogan from racism charges after he used the ‘N’ word; repeatedly insults Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, calling him a quote, ‘queer choice’ — very subtle there — for the cabinet position; and it refers to low-income voters as ‘unsophisticated.’”

“And in a foreword for this book propagating all of those awful things, Johnson wrote that the author, quote, ‘Presents a valuable and timely contribution … because he has managed here to articulate well what millions of conscientious, freedom-loving Americans are sensing,’” she continued.

“Now. I wouldn’t exactly call conspiracy theories and homophobic insults ‘valuable and timely,’ but apparently, our House speaker would,” Psaki said.

To make matters worse, she continued, Johnson “doubled down” on the book’s contents on the book’s podcast, where he said, “I obviously believe in the product, or I wouldn’t have written the foreword. So I endorse the work.”

“Mike Johnson’s views are dangerous,” Psaki insisted. “It doesn’t get much clearer than that. So even though all of the details surrounding George Santos are kind of funny and very salacious and a little weird, we all need to stop paying as much attention to Santos and start paying more attention to Mike Johnson. Trust me, it’s going to matter a whole lot more moving forward.”


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