Mike Johnson Won’t Be Speaker ‘Much Longer’ Without Middle East Aid, Democratic Congressman Tells ‘Morning Joe’

“Nobody in Congress right now is hurting the state of Israel more than Speaker Johnson,” Rep. Jared Moskowitz says

Democratic Congressman Jared Moskowitz joined MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday, saying that Speaker Mike Johnson could be in danger of a motion to vacate for politicizing aid for Israel. 

Toward the end of the Congressman’s interview, co-host Jonathan Lemire asked whether Moskowitz would vote to prevent a government shutdown although the bill includes no aid for Israel. 

“I’m for keeping the government open,” the congressman replied. “I’m not for closing the government.”

Moskowitz said he plans to support keeping the government open “especially because if this doesn’t work, who knows what will come out of my Republican House colleagues. They’re so dysfunctional.”

“What’s unclear to me is whether there’ll be a motion to vacate the speaker after a bunch of Democrats vote to keep the government open,” Moskowitz continued.

The congressman then referenced what happened in order to oust Kevin McCarthy from the speakership. “We heard from Republicans that it’s not personal with McCarthy, it was about the issue,” said Moskowitz. 

“Okay, well then we should see a motion to vacate speaker Johnson, from my Republican colleagues, you know, on the issue of Israel,” the congressman said bluntly. 

“Let me be clear, nobody in Congress right now is hurting the state of Israel more than Speaker Johnson by politicizing that aid bill,” Moskowitz said. “Something that’s going to set a terrible precedent when we need disaster supplementals in the future by doing that.”

Moskowitz said Johnson “played politics,” with Israel aid, rather than bringing members together with bipartisan support. “He decided to divide us and Israel doesn’t have that aid now.”

The congressman said Israel needed new Iron Dome projectiles that they now don’t have access to solely because of Johnson’s moves since assuming the Speakership role. 

“We need humanitarian aid for the Palestinian people, Moskowitz said. “Speaker Johnson has prevented that from happening also.”

“So to be clear, if Speaker Johnson doesn’t figure out how to get Israel aid, I don’t suspect he’ll be Speaker much longer,” Moskowitz concluded. 


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