Mike Lee Dragged for Denying Story About Trump Call He Previously Confirmed

Lee said before that Trump called him during Capitol Riot trying to reach Tommy Tuberville, but claimed during impeachment trial the report was wrong

Mike lee is claiming report he previously confirmed is actually not true

While nearly all of Wednesday’s impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump involved the House impeachment managers making their case against Trump, Sen. Mike Lee of Utah made himself the focus at the very end when he tried to claim a story about Trump accidentally calling him while trying to reach Tommy Tuberville is not true.

There are a few problems with this, chief among them being that he’s already on the record confirming the Trump story to Deseret News.

“Statements were attributed to me moments ago by the House impeachment managers,” Lee complained breathlessly at the end of the day’s session. “Statements relating to the content of conversations between a phone call involving President Trump and Senator Tuberville were not made by me, they’re not accurate, and they’re contrary to fact.”

He didn’t go into further detail, but it’s not clear what specifically he was objecting to. It stands to reason that if the report that the House managers were quoting from was inaccurate, Lee would have objected to that report when it was published a month ago.

It didn’t end up mattering — Rep. Raskin withdrew the bit from the record because it didn’t actually matter that much anyway.

Still, the bewildering tantrum Lee threw left a lot of viewers wondering what exactly he was so mad about. And a bunch of folks are suggesting that maybe the Democrats should follow up on this by calling Lee as a witness during Trump’s impeachment trial to sort this whole thing out.

And yet others have speculated that Lee seemed scared that this bit would anger Trump’s violent supporters. Trump’s call to Tuberville was a plea to delay the certification of the Electoral College vote, and Lee confirming that on the record might cause the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol to take aim at him like they have with Mike Pence.

Whatever the case, Mike Lee quickly became the top trend on Twitter in the United States for his tantrum. See a sampling of the responses do his display below.



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