My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Election Conspiracy Film Pulled Off YouTube

“Absolute Proof” violates a policy against “false claims” about the 2020 election, YouTube says

Mike LIndell My Pillow

“Absolute Proof,” the so-called “documentary” about election fraud from My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, has been yanked by YouTube.

The two-hour film sees the avid Donald Trump supporter falsely claim that the former president won the 2020 presidential election, repeating a number of debunked election fraud claims in the process. The film was uploaded to multiple platforms, with several sites since YouTube removed it. YouTube said in a statement on Friday that all versions of the film would be taken down.

“Per our presidential election integrity policy, we remove content uploaded after the safe harbor deadline that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election,” a rep for the company told Fast Company. “We removed this video and its reuploads in accordance with this policy.”

The video has also been flagged on Facebook and will have its distribution “reduced” after being rated false by fact-checkers. According to Vice, it has also been removed from Vimeo.

The conservative news network OAN inserted a lengthly disclaimer before airing “Absolute Proof” in an attempt to distance themselves from Lindell. Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, two of the companies whose technology has been at the center of many of the election fraud claims, have both filed lawsuits targeting proponents of the false assertions in the film.


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