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Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry’s Phony Feud Over Kiss Rolls On With Dirty Tongue Diss

It’s a ”hard-hitting“ week in the celebrity gossip bureaus with the Katy and Miley ”drama“ and Justin Bieber pacing around a jail cell

Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus say they’re friends, but that’s not stopping them from taking fake digs at each other in the media — social or televised — following their viral concert kiss last month. (Big kudos to the PR team crafting the strategy on this one. How many days since the kiss and the internet is still writing about it. Sigh).

Just a day after Perry told Australian morning show anchors that she broke the kiss off, because “God knows where that tongue has been,” Cyrus took to Twitter to talk pseudo-smack by taking a shot at another famous tongue Perry has had in her mouth, followed by a friendly offering.

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So is that John Mayer reference a passive aggressive jab? Or just enough of a poke to get the media speculating about a “girl war” erupting between the two — who Perry described as “really good friends” seconds after joking about Cyrus’ “infamous” tongue.

Consider the internet’s track record for exaggerating celebrity rifts at the slightest hint of conflict, and do the math.

While the internet is buzzing about the pop stars’ “feud,” all we see is the love.