Miley Cyrus Pokes the Taylor Swift-Nicki Minaj Hornet’s Nest Just in Time for the MTV VMAs

“Wrecking Ball” singer calls out “Anaconda” rapper as “not very polite”

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Looking to stir up a beef to spice up Sunday’s VMAs, Miley Cyrus?

The pop star, who’s hosting Sunday’s festivities, dredged up the feud between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift in an interview with the New York Times on Thursday.

In the process, she seemed to place herself on Team Taylor, characterizing Minaj as “not very polite.”

To recap from way back in July, Minaj had groused that her video “Anaconda” hadn’t received a Video of the Year nomination.

“When the ‘other’ girls drop a video that breaks records and impacts culture they get that nomination,” Minaj complained, suggesting that she’d been snubbed because of her race and body type.

Swift, whose “Bad Blood” did receive a Video of the Year nomination, perhaps perceived Minaj’s comment as a personal attack and accused Minaj of using social media “to pit women against each other.”

The two later cleared up the misunderstanding and made nice, but Cyrus weighed in on the feud in the Times interview.

“What I read sounded very Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki Minaj is not too kind. It’s not very polite,” Cyrus said. “I think there’s a way you speak to people with openness and love. You don’t have to start this pop star against pop star war.”

The “Wrecking Ball” singer went on to suggest that Minaj’s approach only served to diminish her message.

“It became Nicki Minaj and Taylor in a fight, so now the story isn’t even on what you wanted it to be about,” Cyrus said. “Now you’ve just given E! News ‘Catfight! Taylor and Nicki Go at It.’”

Minaj has been tapped as the opening performer at this year’s ceremony, which will air Sunday on MTV at 9 p.m. and hosted by Cyrus.