Miley Cyrus Smokes a Joint After Tamer Twerking at MTV Europe Music Awards

She trades silver space suit for nude get-up and a dwarf for Robin Thicke as she kicks off show with “We Can’t Stop”

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Miley Cyrus showed twerking — albeit a tamer version — can translate, kicking off MTV’s Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam Sunday with a performance of “We Can’t Stop.”

She traded a silver spandex space suit for the nearly nude outfit she wore when she stole the show with the number at MTV’s Video Music Awards in New York in August. And it was a female dwarf, rather than giant teddy bears and Robin Thicke, which accompanied her this time, according to the Associated Press.

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She and her diminutive partner took turns “twerking” – basically shaking their butts — at each other and the Ziggo Dome crowd roared its approval. She capped the performance by sticking out her tongue, as she did repeatedly in the earlier performance that set off a media storm.

It wouldn’t have been a Miley show without some controversy, however, and the 20-year-old singer didn’t disappoint.

After receiving the Best Video awards, she lit up what appeared to be a joint and took a few puffs before heading off the stage.

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Marijuana is not legal in the Netherlands, but smokers can’t be prosecuted for possessing small amounts

Eminem, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars also performed at the event, hosted by Redfoo. “Anchorman” star Will Ferrell and Rita Ora also appeared.

Perry was named Best Female Artist and Mars won Best Song for “Locked Out of Heaven.” Justin Bieber was voted Best Male Artist, Eminem won for Hip Hop and One Direction took the Pop Group prize.