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‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Broker Reveals Hollywood’s Hottest Housing Trends

Can we interest readers in a jellyfish room? Real estate agent James Harris tells TheWrap that he’s seen it all

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” real estate agent James Harris wants our readers to know he still sells houses that you guys can afford — just not on TV.

On his hit Bravo series, Harris and his comrades solely sell homes worth many millions of dollars (the title is pretty self-explanatory, you see), and oftentimes to celebrities.

As we all know, Hollywood personalities have some very particular tastes, stretching beyond the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that Southern California allows.

Harris recently walked TheWrap through some of the entertainment capital’s hottest housing trends, just in case a massive raise is in your near future.

“It all varies depending on price point,” he told TheWrap. “If you’re a celebrity, what are celebrities looking for? They’re looking for privacy, they’re looking for convenience into the studio. They’re looking for homes that are hidden from the street, for gated communities.”

Of course, the cribs have to contain some cool things too.

“With all of these mad houses now, they’re looking for amenities,” Harris continued. “What house can honestly say that it’s a one-of-a-kind? People are looking for really special wellness centers, or bowling alleys, or swimming pools off your master bedroom deck, or home technology systems that beat out the next home.”

How’s your Gardena apartment feeling right now, guys?

Don’t worry — it gets worse.

We asked the charming and well-dressed (all his wife’s doing, the hoodie-and-sweatpants lover swears) Harris to name a few of the craziest things he’s personally seen from showings. Well, there was that one jellyfish room, for starters.

Plus, “We saw one bloody house that had a surgery room for Botox,” the British-born broker said.

Of course, that’ll cost you — the most expensive individual property Harris and his partner have ever sold was $40 million.

Realtors typically split a 6 percent commission between the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent, so, readers can do the math on Harris’ take from that one transaction.

Watch the video above for a personal tour of Harris’ own house, which he described to us as “humble” and “not extravagant.” You can judge for yourselves.

Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” airs Thursdays at 9/8c.