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Mireille Enos Tries To Wash Away Her Sins in Clip From ‘The Killing’ Season 4 (Video)

Picking up on Netflix where the AMC series left off after its third season finale, Enos and Joel Kinnaman must figure out how to cover up a horrific act of aggression

A little more than a year after its third season finale on AMC, Netflix will drop the entire six-episode final season of “The Killing” on Friday, Aug. 1. The streaming service released a clip that picks up the action shortly after that shocking season finale that was temporarily a series finale after AMC cancelled the show for a second time.

Netflix swooped in and picked the drama up for a fourth and final season, giving Veena Sud and her team six episodes to wrap up the character arcs of Mireille Enos‘ Sarah Linden and Joel Kinnaman‘s Stephen Holder.

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The clip features Enos in the shower, washing away the blood and filth from her cold-blooded assassination in the final moments of the third season. Kinnaman shows up later determined to help her cover up the deed. The question for the season, as they find themselves immersed in a new case, will be whether or not they can get away with it … and if they even should.

Adapted from the popular Danish series “Forbrydelsen,” the dark series started off on a critical high note with its first season, at least until the season finale when it failed to deliver on the perceived promise of telling fans “Who killed Rosie Larsen?” After this disappointment, there was a tremendous backlash the show never recovered from.

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The second season wrapped that initial storyline, after which AMC cancelled the show. When the studio started shopping it around to continue elsewhere and roped Netflix into the discussions, AMC picked up the show for a third season that served as a fresh start for the popular lead characters.

When the network cancelled it again after the third season, this time the show did wind up on Netflix. The first three seasons are streaming now. The final season will premiere in its entirety on Friday, Aug. 1. After that, it will really and truly be over. For real.

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