Misdiagnosed Lindsay Lohan All Clean & Sober, UCLA Docs Claim

University Medical Center rehab report says troubled actress not an addict and doing well off Adderall and other meds

Lindsay Lohan may have 99 problems, but a drug addiction ain't one, according to doctors treating her at UCLA.

As initially reported by TMZ, doctors at the medical center think that the now-clean Lohan was misdiagnosed with psychiatric problems and that her stint in rehab is too long. Lohan was prescribed the amphetamine fuelled Adderall, a common diet aid and legal form of speed in Hollywood, to deal with her ADHD. 

“We're told Lindsay has been "weaned off" all of her meds — Dilaudid, Ambien, Adderall, Zoloft, Trazodone and Nexium — and has had no adverse reaction,” says TMZ of a source inside UCLA, “Likewise, she has had no withdrawal issues in the alcohol department.”

Judge Elden Fox took over the case after Judge Marsha Revel, facing some potentially unpleasant examination from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office on her conduct in the case, recused herself on Aug 10. A hearing on Lohan’s process and consideration for earlier release from UCLA, where she has been since her Aug. 2 release from jail, is scheduled for Aug. 25.

That hearing might add some additional and unexpected new aspects to the case, which stems from Lohan’s probation violations of her 2007 DUIs.  

“Our sources,” TMZ continues in a case of one step forward, two steps back, “say Lindsay suffers from a personality disorder, which is all too common in society and sometimes partly the result of difficulties when growing up in Hollywood.”

Honestly, anyone who saw Lindsay Lohan pleading with Judge Marsha Revel not to put her in jail in a Beverly Hills courtroom on July 5 knew they were watching one messed up and fragile young woman. Unlike her praised role in Robert Rodriguez's upcoming "Machete," Lohan's almost incoherent and seemingly insincere act didn’t wash. Revel sentenced her to 90 days in jail, of which she ended up serving barely two weeks, and 90 days in rehab to address her addiction issues.

Lohan’s heavy prescription drug use became known on July 7 when a probation report on her weekly random drug testing was released. The June report exonerated Lohan as clean of illegal drugs but found her time and time again testing positive for “Adderall and the pain medication Dilaidid.”

The upcoming hearing will likely look into the effect the Adderall and other medications had on the often impulsive and self-destructive actress’s behavior.

Or, as is often the case with Lindsay Lohan, not.