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‘Missing Richard Simmons’ and ‘Surviving Y2K’ Host Dan Taberski Hints at What’s Next (Podcast)

The third season of Taberski’s Headlong podcast is coming in March

Dan Taberski, host of the “Missing Richard Simmons” and “Surviving Y2K” podcasts, is quieting plotting new ways to make your head spin. You can hear all about his plans for his next story on the latest “Shoot This Now” podcast, which you can listen to on Apple or right here:

Taberski’s show, Headlong, offers a different take each season on an event in our culture that Taberski thinks everyone has gotten wrong. In Season 1, he searched for his former friend, fitness hero Richard Simmons. In Season 2, which is now gorgeously underway, he examines how vibrant characters from a bank robber to a family of Biblical searchers prepped for the turn of the millennium.

Season 3, which is coming in March, will address another cultural touchpoint he thinks people have totally misunderstood.

And no, of course we aren’t going to tell you what it is. But you can listen to the podcast above for hints.

Okay, fine: Here are a few hints from Taberski.

“The whole thing about Headlong is it’s looking at a person, a place, an event, a time in popular culture or culture in general that I think we’re getting wrong. And Y2K falls into that category and ‘Missing Richard Simmons’ absolutely fell into that category. And the next one falls into that category as well,” Taberski said.

He later added: “It is something that anybody can watch and that you would normally ignore. But I actually think it’s really important. And it touches on a lot of social issues.”

Also: You will never, ever guess what it is.

That’s all we’re sharing from the interview, but you can listen to the part about Season 3 at the 34-minute mark, above.

When we spoke to Taberski last week, “Surviving Y2K” had included a brilliant conspiracy theorist, a family trying to emulate Biblical times, a man planning to survive on hamster meat, and Taberski’s own difficult journey to find himself. Since then, the show has added a spectacular kidnapping, a bank robbery, a race to give birth, and so, so much more. You should check it out.

In our interview, we talked with Taberski about how he could turn “Surviving Y2K” into a movie, his experiences as a producer on “The Daily Show,” and whether he knows what happened to those hamsters.

One last thing: While we can’t tell you what Season 3 of the Headlong podcast is about, we can promise that it is not about Nick Nolte.

We don’t think.