‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ Clip Drops Onto the Web (Video)

Issues of trust — and upper-body strength — are explored in new spy-flick snippet

Pulling off a master caper doesn't just happen naturally. It takes planning. Precision. And a perhaps too-optimistic confidence in Simon Pegg's upper-body strength.

A new clip from the upcoming "Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol" has hit the web, depicting Jeremy Renner's Brandt character and Pegg's Benji Dunn mapping out a covert operation — which entails Brandt dropping 25 feet into Dunn's waiting, if not particularly brawny, arms.

For some reason, Brandt seems a tad apprehensive.

"Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol" drops into theaters on Dec. 21 — which should give you plenty of time to ponder Brandt's fate, after watching the clip.