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Mistype the Address for Pro-Trump MAGAPill.com and You’re Sent to Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Site

MAGAPill.co takes you to ElizabethWarren.com — try it

A user trying to visit the pro-Trump site MAGAPill.com needs to be careful. Accidentally typing MAGAPill.co will lead them straight to the presidential campaign website of Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

Here’s a demonstration from a Twitter user who goes by “That Trump Guy”:

MAGAPill.co redirects to the homepage where Warren’s campaign asks, “WILL YOU JOIN OUR FIGHT?”

If you’re unfamiliar with what MAGAPill is, this is how a Twitter user who identifies themselves as “Marcella..Latina 4 Legal Immigration” puts it: “MAGAPILL was created to preserve President Trump’s Legacy by archiving and listing his accomplishments. All accomplishments are sourced from articles that are attached to each.”

The president has even retweeted the MAGAPill Twitter account, which brought attention to it in 2017. At that time, Slate reported that MAGAPill, beyond being a self-proclaimed “accomplishments list,” has promoted conspiracy theories in the past.

According to the Daily Dot, MAGAPill.co was a mirror of MAGAPill.com as recently as November 2018 but was renewed or purchased this July using a German registrar company and the IP location suggests the servers are now hosted by a French cloud computing company.

The MAGAPill.com site and Warren campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment and it’s unclear who set up the site redirection, whether it was the campaign, a fan, a troll, or someone else entirely.