Mitt Romney a Twihard? Candidate and Wife Take in ‘Twilight’ Finale

With some time on their hands, Mitt Romney and his wife take in "Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2"

He may have missed out on becoming leader of the free world when he lost the election to President Obama, but Mitt Romney is keeping busy — with the romantic vampires and werewolves of "Twilight."

Saturday night, he was spotted with his wife Ann heading into a showing of "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2" at a cineplex in Del Mar, Calif., by TMZ. After the movie, they and two young men went to a nearby pizza place, where they reportedly spoke and posed for pictures with patrons.

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The Saturday night out for the Romneys was in contrast to the recent movie-viewing by the man who beat him in the election. President Obama last week viewed Oscar hopeful "Lincoln" in a special White House screening with several of the cast members and filmmakers.

There was no word on whether Romney or his wife aligned with Team Edward or Team Jacob.