‘Younger’ Star Molly Bernard on Breaking Into Acting and Making Friends With Rejection (Video)

BE Conference 2021: Bernard stars as Lauren on the Paramount+ series and in the film “Milkwater”

It’s many a young woman’s dream — to make it in Hollywood as an actress.

Molly Bernard was fortunate to come from an acting family — her grandfather co-founded and co-ran the Strasberg Institute with famed director/acting coach Lee Strasberg. Despite her upbringing, Bernard decided to go to acting school, which she knows is a conundrum for many. She weighs in on the pros and cons of top programs.

As for auditions, “you gonna get the part or you’re not,” she said matter-of-factly during a Thursday workshop at TheWrap’s BE Conference. “Rejection is part of this job. It’s a crucial part. You have to make friends with it.”

Bernard gives tips on how to present yourself in auditions (and especially call-backs in front of directors) and also how to be open to taking notes and changing. Plus, she offers weighs in on how actors should present themselves on social media.

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