‘Monuments Men’ Cast Turns Against Matt Damon on Kimmel (Video)

Damon became the butt of just about every joke to leave his co-stars’ or Kimmel’s mouth

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 11:36 AM

Matt Damon returned to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for the first time since taking over the show in 2013, and this time it wasn’t just Kimmel who made fun of him — the rest of his “Monuments Men” cast did, too.

George Clooney, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Bob Balaban and Cate Blanchett all agreed (above) before Damon arrived on stage that he knew the least about art, was the least likely to speak to the rest of the cast, complained the most on the set, needed the most ‘me’ time, and was even most likely to Google himself. They also had trouble believing Damon actually wrote the screenplay for “Good Will Hunting,” the 1997 drama that won him his first and “only” Oscar.

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“Our next guest is an actor, at best, who only has one Oscar. He’s here because the band didn’t show up. Please welcome the least of the ‘Monuments Men,’ Matt Damon,” Kimmel said before promptly ignoring him once he arrived on stage.

“I’m sorry, but can I get a f–king chair?” Damon asked.

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“Guillermo, can you get this baby his chair,” Kimmel said before returning his attention to Damon’s co-stars. “Was he like this the whole time on set?”

Everyone got in on the fun throughout the night. When asked what it was like to work with Damon, Blanchett noted her “great respect for the work of the Make-A-Wish Foundation,” while Clooney told Kimmel what’s next for his co-star.

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“Matt’s been auditioning for a cereal commercial,” Clooney deadpanned. “And I think that he’s got a really good shot at getting it. And he’s doing some interpretive dance dinner theater.”

Watch Kimmel and Clooney’s “Monuments Men” laugh at Damon’s expense, while he patiently waits for an actual question to answer.

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