‘Morning Joe’ Blasts Biden ‘Cheap Fakes’ Circulated by Right-Wing Media: ‘They Lie About Their Lies’ | Video 

“They are only helping Joe Biden and lowering expectations,” co-host Joe Scarborough says

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” took aim at media outlets circulating “cheap fake” videos of President Joe Biden making him appear to look confused in his surroundings, saying, “They lie about their lies.”

Last week, the New York Post saw online backlash against a cover story which included photos claiming to show Biden wandering aimlessly while watching a skydiving demonstration at the G7 summit in Italy. However, Biden officials and others pointed out that the video used was seemingly cropped. 

White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre pushed back against the negative coverage of the President calling the viral video clips “cheap fakes” that were done in “bad faith.” 

“That’s all they’ve got,” “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough said of right-wing media. 

“The Republican account circulating many of the clips responded, claiming the videos are unedited and promised to keep posting them,” Mika Brzezinski added. 

Scarborough immediately interrupted saying, “A lie, a lie, a lie.”

Brzezinski pointed out that even if they claim it isn’t edited, “it’s one angle, not showing the whole story.”

“They lie about their lies, which, of course, you expect liars to lie about their lies,” Scarborough said. 

Scarborough added “They are only helping Joe Biden and lowering expectations.”

“They do it before every State of the Union address, and after that, they are so freaked out that Biden did well, they say he must have been on cocaine,” the MSNBC morning co-host continued. “But they are doing the same thing for the debate. They lower expectations, they say he is not cogent, then he does a good job, and they say, ‘What happened?’”

“And this is the problem, and this is why the debate, everything about this campaign will make somebody who is in support of democracy — and perhaps would even choose Joe Biden over Donald Trump just in support of democracy — is never going to have a chance against lies, disinformation, and crazy insults,” Brzezinski said. 


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