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‘Morning Joe’ Blasts Democratic Campaign Committee Chair on Defunding Police Stance: ‘You’ve Done a Poor Job’ (Video)

Joe Scarborough says Democrats’ responses to ”socialism questions“ could hurt them in 2022 midterms

Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough got into it on Friday’s “Morning Joe” during a discussion about the 2022 midterms.

Maloney accused the former GOP congressman of “repeating a Republican talking point” and “ranting” as Scarborough pushed him repeatedly on whether Democrats will vocally support defunding the police.

“It’s not the question that I’m asking. It’s the question that Republicans will continue to ask,” said Scarborough.

“The answer is no, and you are asking the question and you’re repeating a Republican talking point for reasons I don’t know,” replied Maloney, who serves as the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The two yelled over each other for a moment, with Scarborough declaring, “I’ll tell you why!”

“I’ll tell you why I’m repeating it: Because you all did such a damn poor job of answering that, such a poor job of answering socialism questions, such a poor job about answering cancel culture questions. That’s why I’m repeating it. If you believe [Republican] Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker of the House, keep pretending that none of that happened and keep saying that the House did a good job in 2020 because they did not. House Democrats did a poor job, so my question is are you going into 2022 with eyes wide open?” he demanded.

“As my friend Maxine Waters said to Jim Jordan, you’re ranting again,” Maloney said, invoking his Democratic colleague’s viral lambasting of GOP Rep. Jordan during a hearing Thursday.

Watch their exchange below: