‘Morning Joe’ Blasts White House Adviser Stephen Miller: ‘Why Do You Let Him On TV?’ (Video)

“I thought Donald Trump cared about central casting, people who are good on TV,” Joe Scarborough says

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” played a Fox News clip of a recent interview with White House advisor Stephen Miller on Thursday that prompted co-host Joe Scarborough to say, “He is so bad on TV.”

In the clip, Miller admits to Martha MacCallum that President Trump’s next travel ban will be similar to the original executive order regarding travel from seven predominately Muslim countries. The statement will presumably make it more difficult for the second version of the travel ban to make it through the court system.

Scarborough asked, “Why do you let him on TV?”

“Seriously, it looks like he just got out of shop class in 11th grade and he went down to the principal’s office where they had a closed-circuit TV set,” Scarborough said. “He’s bad. He’s just technically bad at it. I thought Donald Trump cared about central casting, people who are good on TV, people who could communicate… Everything is wrong”

Scarborough has attacked Miller in the past, calling him an “embarrassment” earlier this month.

“Maybe he’s just stupid. Maybe he’s just dumb. Maybe he’s just ignorant and maybe I shouldn’t be so tough on him,” Scarborough said after Miller appeared on numerous talk shows to defend Trump’s travel ban and criticize the court that ruled against it.

Check out the video above.


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