‘Morning Joe’ Cracks Up at DeSantis’ Ongoing Obsession With Disney: ‘This Is Ahab-Like’ (Video)

“I can tell you, as somebody that knows a little bit about Florida, this doesn’t even sell in Florida!” Joe Scarborough said

Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis once again called out Disney over Memorial Day weekend, and, come Tuesday morning, the hosts of “Morning Joe” were cracking up at the Florida governor’s assumption that invoking his feud with the company would help him in a state like Iowa.

During an interview with “Fox and Friends”, DeSantis argued that Iowans should vote for him over twice-impeached-once-indicted former president Trump, because Trump has “taken the side of Disney” and “I think a multi-billion-dollar company that sexualizes children is not consistent with the values of Florida, or the values of a place like Iowa.”

After playing that clip on Tuesday morning, the “Morning Joe” hosts and panelists were stunned before anything else.

“Ron DeSantis decides that he’s gonna launch his campaign by talking about how the Magic Kingdom sexualizes children,” Scarborough marveled. “This is something that, again, we’ve all grown up with Disney. You and I, Gene [Robinson], when we were young, would see ‘The Wonderful World of Disney’ every Sunday night, it’s continued through. And you know, it’s not like things got crazy.”

Scarborough then mocked DeSantis for continuing this feud and attempting to use it to his benefit in Iowa, when it’s not even helping him in his own state.

“I can tell you, as somebody that knows a little bit about Florida, this doesn’t even sell in Florida!” he mocked. “I mean Disney is loved!”

When it came time for panelist Gene Robinson to weigh in himself, he couldn’t help but laugh, getting Scarborough to join in as well.

“Joe, you and I, we’ve both spent a lot of time in Iowa. We both know that, you know, you’re walking down the street and you ask voters, you know, ‘What’s on your mind? What are you thinking?’ Republican voters, and they say ‘That Disney! I hate Disney! I wish somebody would go after Disney,’” Robinson mocked.

“I mean it’s ridiculous! It’s ridiculous,” he continued. “This is the centerpiece? I can’t believe that he mentioned that as part of his argument why he should be the Republican nominee, let alone the president of the United States. This is Ahab-like, this pursuit of Disney.”

You can watch the full moment in the video above.