‘Morning Joe’ Slams Media, ‘International Community’ for Signal That Jewish Women Are ‘Somehow Less Protected’ in Warfare

“Condemnation for the continued raping and killing of Jewish women in terrorist attacks for some reason is on a lower rung,” Joe Scarborough says

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” torched the media for their coverage of the sexual violence against women perpetrated by Hamas on Oct. 7, saying Jewish women are “somehow less protected” in warfare due to international denials. 

Co-host Mika Brzezinski started by noting the top story of the day, that “Israel is now expanding its war operation into southern Gaza.”

“Officials announced they have hit more than 400 Hamas targets, Brzezinski continued. “While the health ministry in Gaza claims hundreds of people were killed in these new Israeli strikes.”

Brzezinski then delved into the truce negotiations which fell apart after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called off talks claiming they “reached an impasse with Hamas.” The co-host then highlighted that the reason the negotiations fell apart was because Netanyahu claimed Hamas did not fulfill its agreement to release all the women and children being held hostage in Gaza. 

“And again, the media is not focusing on this right now,” co-host Joe Scarborough chimed in.

“We have Israel negotiating with a group that sees three-month-old babies while raping their mothers or shooting their mothers or burning their grandmothers or shooting their siblings kidnapped three-month-old babies,” Scarborough continued. “This terrorist group took them back to the tunnels that they burrowed underneath, underneath Gaza, where they lived in terrible conditions for 50-55 days or so.”

Scarborough continued his rant saying, “This terror group who glorified the shooting of babies and the burning of babies, the continual raping of women, Israeli women to death.”

“And for some reason, the international community, Jewish women are somehow less protected than all other women in warfare,” Scarborough said. 

“The condemnation for the continued raping and killing of Jewish women in terrorist attacks for some reason is on a lower rung than it is for the rest of the world’s women,” the co-host said. 

“But that’s just a side note,” Scarborough added. “A horrid side note about how the media covers this.”


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