‘Morning Joe’: Mika Brzezinski Says Her Dog Once Mauled Donna the Chicken, but ‘I Did Not Think of Killing Him!’ | Video

Kristi Noem thought her dog-killing tale was “a good thing … and for MAGA Republicans, maybe it is,” Brzezinski opines

Mika Brzezinski says that just like South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, she’s also witnessed her dog savagely attacking a beloved chicken – only she responded differently. And the “Morning Joe” cohost only blames herself for the attempted poultrycide.

“I have a confession,” the MSNBC cohost started off Friday on “Morning Joe.”

“I, too, have a dog that mauled a chicken – torturing it – in the deadly clutch of his jaws with the intent to kill. He crushed it. It was horrible. You guys. It was horrible,” she said.

Brzezinski explained that she keeps several chickens, has for years, and sends chicken videos to her daughters off at college.

“You don’t know this about me, but my chickens – they’re my friends,” she said, showing a picture of Donna, a friend of Brzezinski’s who is a chicken. Brzezinski added that five or so years ago, she forgot to close all three gates that separate her flock from her friend Hobson, who is a dog.

“This is – yes, he was a pup, but a really big puppers. And as you can see, he’s got a really big mouth, massive, massive jaws with huge teeth,” showing a photo of Hobson gnawing on an object that is not a chicken.

“Things got gruesome” the day he attacked Donna, she said.

“Hobson got Donna in his mouth in a vicious, tight, ironclad clutch. I was desperately trying to save her life. I pinned him down on the ground. I was screaming,” she recalled. “I was trying to crack open his mouth … and I was taking my fingers down his throat, trying to get him to open his mouth. I grabbed his chin and his nose and I was trying to pull them apart desperately to free poor Donna – it was bloody.”

The encounter finally ended when the chicken hobbled off to an egg-laying box while the dog “bounded off as if he’d just won a hot-dog eating prize.” Dogs are known to like such foods as hot dogs and chickens.

“I was so angry,” their human said. “My heart was beating so fast. Adrenaline was coursing through my veins and I was simply furious. But I was furious at myself for putting Hobson in that position.”

It was as if an occult hand moved to continue this chicken’s run: Miraculously, Donna survived, but now suffers from a noticeable limp in her chicken legs. Brzezinski then shamed the chicken’s dog-bite injuries.

“She’s looks terrible,” Brzezinski admitted, showing a photo of how the chicken looked before Hobson’s lunch was interrupted. “That’s her in her better days. Yeah. That’s when she was pretty. You don’t want to see the after. Oh, yeah. That’s my confession. Thank you for letting me share.”

Brzezinski ultimately brought it home to bashing Noem.

“Never once though, did I ever think about being so mad at Hobson for this. I certainly did not think of killing him!” she said, before once again savaging her chicken’s current appearance.

“And even though poor Donna never got her looks back,” Brzezinski noted, “I did not kill her for being ugly.”

Watch a person tell a chicken-and-the-dog story in the video clip, above.


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