‘Morning Joe’: Mika Brzezinski Says Trump’s Lies Make Her ‘Uncomfortable’ (Video)

President “made a lot of claims and told a lot of lies” during his trip to Iowa, MSNBC host says

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski accused President Donald Trump of lying to supporters during a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Wednesday night.

“It’s so uncomfortable to see a president… lies, after lies, after lies from the president of the Unites States,” Brzezinski said on Thursday’s show.

The MSNBC personality, who was without fiancé and co-host Joe Scarborough on Thursday, said that Trump “made a lot of claims and told a lot of lies” during his trip to Iowa.

The morning show played a clip of Trump telling supporters he “can’t guarantee anything,” which the fact-checking Brzezinski said was actually true. The panel went on to fact check the rest of the president’s speech, complete with a game-show style buzzer to note what the panel considered lies.

“Where do we begin,” Brzezinski asked the panel when it was time to discuss Trump’s lies, which include everything from healthcare details to the Paris deal.

Brzezinski said Trump’s supporters appeared to treat his lies as applause lines.

Guest Sam Stein then mentioned that the president’s proposed health care bill impacts to the lives of people with opioid addictions. Perhaps Stein has been watching MSNBC lately because the network’s Jacob Soboroff has a new three-part series on the opioid crisis in America.

Check out the video above.